nyuad gymnasium
The Fitness Center at NYU Abu Dhabi is not just an area to develop physically; it also provides a nurturing, challenging and supportive environment that enables students to grow emotionally, personally and socially as part of their fitness journey. For many students, the Fitness Center offers opportunities to forget the pressures of university life, develop new skills, and find a life-long passion for an active lifestyle. 

A team of dedicated coaches offers a variety of opportunities for students to get active regardless of your fitness goals:

  • Group Fitness Classes (e.g. Yoga, Zumba, Boxing, Indoor Cycling)

  • Personal Small Group Training

  • 'Go-Solo' Downloadable Workouts

  • Fitness Games & Challenges

In addition to the physical aspects, there is access to evidence-based nutrition education, tailored nutrition, and clinical dietetic support, through both group and one to one sessions with the Campus Dietitian.

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Contact: +971 2 6284 283